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Paul Reitenbach

Aug 4, 2023

Shortcut Alt-s is not working.

Is there anything I can do if my Zorbi Chrome extension does not work with the Alt-s keyboard shortcuts? Alt-a works.
Thanks in advance.

Rhonda Bauer

Feb 20, 2023

combine zorbi decks

Hello, can you combine zorbi decks into one large deck (to mix all the items up)

Victoria Giguère

Jan 27, 2023


I wish to resync my decks since I motify it after the first syncing. There is no button nor on my notion or my Zorbi.


Khánh Hân

Dec 18, 2021

Don' connect to Zorbi

I can't use Zorbi because it always say: looks like we couldn't connect to Zorbi 😢

Jorge Ledesma (Crown and Bridge)

Aug 25, 2021

PDF not working in Chrome nor MS Edge

Getting text from PDF is not working, tried it Chrome and MS Edge, what am I missing. I did check the option to allow for url etc.

I am Batman

Jul 18, 2021

On developing the app, bringing your app's tutorials onto youtube

Zorbi team, I am really impressed by the work you have done here. It's the best flashcard app I have used, and the notion integration is boss. But, I would like to tell you something. I tried using it with notion page on my edge browser and it worked really good, but I am not getting the show spoilers feature on notion page. It's really easy for me now to see the answers. So, I would like you to make many tutorials on youtube about how to download and properly use it, and if you just try collaborating with great people like ali abdaal, You would be the boss. Because you have such beautiful UI and great features. Another thing, I strongly suggest is that you make a feature so that we can create subdecks. That would be really helpful. Anyway, your app is the best.

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