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Apr 7, 2021

Also having issues with autojoin

Tested the feature the night before class, and worked fine. But the morning of class it did not even have the reminder. I imagine this is a known problem, but decided to bring it up again.

Luke Turner

Mar 22, 2021

autojoin scheduler

good extension, one issue is that I cannot set autojoin meeting times to alternate weekly, only within the week. maybe even integrating schedule webpages to automatically update? thanks

Rick Ross

Mar 6, 2021

Could we "auto-join" only from a particular machine?

My Zoom meeting schedule shows up on both my laptop and my desktop, but I would like it only to auto-join a daily scheduled meeting from the desktop machine. Is there any way to configure this to work on a per-machine basis?

Ji Ro

Feb 1, 2021

auto join and notifiacation problems

i tried to use those two features but it didn't work how its supposed to I turned on the out join added the time and day but nothing happened after that I tried the notification feature and it also didn't work. I don't know if this is a bug or I just didn't do it right either way i need some sort of help to do this, thank you hope to hear from you soon


Jan 19, 2021


Hello sir,I dont get auto notafications or auto join and was late to my class today any help?
Good work btw!

Victoria Tso

Oct 20, 2020

Zoom Links Disappeared


I LOVE your extension but just recently all of my zoom links disappeared. I tried adding them back in but when I click add, the extension won't process it and it won't add the link to the list of zoom links. I tried uninstalling and then installing but I'm still experiencing this issue.

Rachel Ta

Oct 13, 2020

can't launch zoom meetings

I downloaded the extension onto my chromebook, and I can't seem to launch my zoom meetings. It says "Google Chrome OS can't open this page" every time I click on the link. Any way to fix this?

Grayce Robinson

Sep 8, 2020


When I first started using this extension, I had no problem with the extension and found the autolaunch feature very helpful. However, my meetings are no longer launched automatically. I get the notification on screen for "Meeting X is starting in 15 seconds" but then the meeting never launches. I'd appreciate any advice on how to correct this

Gary O'Brien

Sep 8, 2020

Multiple Links per class

It would be helpful to have an option to have multiple meeting links per class. Some of my classes have a different link for each day we meet, and my current solution using this tool is to make a separate entry for each day. A way for the user to assign multiple links based on the schedule day would be very useful.

Lauren B

Aug 30, 2020

Biweekly & One-Time Meetings

Hi! Can you add a feature that allows you to set meetings that occur every other week or one-time?

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