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Dave Van Domelen

Jul 10, 2023

Doesn't "stick" on gmail

It will work when I'm in the Gmail window, but if I tab away and come back, Gmail resets to its default text size even though the extension will say it's at 110% or 120%.

Michael Azumah

Jun 22, 2023

to create link for TB meetings

Good afternoon to link to other staff tomorrow please..
to create a link
thank you

Jean-Christophe zylmans

Apr 4, 2021

Problème zoom text / chrome


Je rencontre souvent le problème suivant.
J'utilise zoom text tout le temps, je ne peux travailler sans. Régulièrement Chrome si fige et je dois désactiver internet et parfois ça ne suffit pas je dois forcer la fermeture. J'ai également beaucoup de problème avec les pdf..
Mon programme de travail se trouve en ligne, c'est donc très impactant.
Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider?

Merci d'avance,


Jun 24, 2019

How to set right alt button?

Only left ALT button works for me. How to set right ALT button on my keyboard?

Scott Flore

Jun 6, 2019

Please swap the "+" and "-" icon in the drop-down to be more universally standard

Hi lihan,

Awesome extension "Zoom Text Only"... just one request:

Please swap the "+" and "-" icon in the drop-down to be more universally standard. Much (or most) of the world standard has the negative/lower/smaller/reverse buttons on the left... and positive/higher/greater/forward button on the Right (think about forward/back buttons in the browser).

If you reverse yours it would be more intuitive and "standard". Thanks.


Jorge Bonafé

Mar 11, 2019

Bug when using PostgreSQL's pgadmin tool.

This extension has a bug when opening PostgreSQL's pgadmin tool on chrome. If this extension is enabled, it is impossible to use the tool, as a number of gray overlays appear over the components making impossible to click anything. The tool works when the extension is disabled.

Jon Zemel

Mar 6, 2019

Doesn't work on gmail

I love this idea and the functionality on most pages. However it reports it doesn't work on gmail? ("can't zoom in on this page") Some of the reviews indicate that it does. What's the situation with gmail?


Apr 8, 2017



Myron Abolitz

Jan 22, 2017


When the twitter webpage is first loaded, the extension works properly. When new tweets become available, a bar appears on the twitter page to load the new tweets. When you click on the bar, the new tweets load, but the text size of the new tweets is the default, the extension has no effect.

Salvatore Desiderio

Oct 20, 2016

Plus Hotkey

Please introduce a way to bind the numpad plus.
Numpad minus works fine

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