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Ismael Hosking Isla

Nov 4, 2019

Quitarle los permisos a egoitz ortiz

es muy pesado

Joel Dubow

Aug 2, 2016

How to open a document in Chromebook

I bring up Zoho writer but don't see how to open a document stored on my chromebook or in the cloud. I have a Google Chromebook from 2012

Kayla Wiggins

Jun 3, 2016

Documents always Disappearing

None of my documents actually save. I get a server error or get stuck in a login loop every time I try to view/edit them.


Apr 29, 2016


What is the format of the documents ? It is a proprietary format ? I can import / export to other formats ? I can do it offline?

Soma Jones

Feb 14, 2016


can i use this offline to type of reports and save to a flash drive while using a chromebook

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 10, 2015

Uninstall ZW - how?

How do I uninstall ZW from my Googleaccount?

Laszlo Jantyik

Jun 15, 2015


does support international languages

said de la hoz

May 6, 2015

al instalar zoho writer donde queda guardado en q parte de mi k chromeboo

al instalar zoho writer donde queda guardado en q parte de mi k chromeboo

Jenniffer Rodriguez

Mar 1, 2015


it works offline to write?


Jan 14, 2015

Es posible en castellano

Es posible configurarlo para que los menús estén en castellano

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