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Sachith Costa

Jun 9, 2022

Time logging

It could be very useful having the timer logging on the extension and use it from the extension area and see it while running so that a user can pause or stop and finish the logging activity on a task.

Graham Parry

Aug 17, 2021

Taking scren shots..

Why is this extension taking screen shots using the screengrabber.js ?? what funtion does it have??

Chris Broughton

Nov 26, 2019

Extension crashes

The extension crashes everytime I click it.

Thomas Schaefer

Sep 3, 2019

Projects need to be sorted by alpha order and task date need to be added

Projects need to be sorted by alpha order and task date need to be added. Otherwise the extension has no real use!!!!

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 13, 2019

Is there a way to get sort by due date that I am missing?

This seems like a basic need of this extension. Am I just missing it?

Vikash Singh

Jan 6, 2019

ADD Task Option is invisible

add task option is invisible means hide how will get that option pls assist

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 29, 2018


Can I use the timer from the extension?

Gabriel Robert

Jul 23, 2018

font writing problem / font writing problem

if I activate the extension, the site's fonts are changed ... it's not acceptable.

in the inspector there is "injected stylsheet" with the font proxima nova forced by this extension.


si j'active l'extension, les polices d'écriture des site sont changée ... ce n'est pas acceptable.

dans l'inspecteur il y a "injected stylsheet" avec la police d'écriture proxima nova forcée par cette extension.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 11, 2018

extension goes corrupt

running ubuntu with chrome browser, the extension alwaysgoes corrupt when i try to open it. Even a repair does not help

Valentina Pallotti

Apr 18, 2018

Cannot sign in

The extension is always displaying "Sign in to ZOHO projects" and even if I sign in, nothing changes.
I'm running Chrome v65.0.3325.181

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