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Chewie Charles

Aug 4, 2019

Installed it. Where the hell is it?

Doesn't show in the extension section, no icon in the browser.

ilaria castelli

May 24, 2018

facebook su mail

Come posso aggiungere plugin- bottone facebook alle mie newsletter su zoho?

How can I add a facebook button to my newsletter on zoho?

levi Andersen

Jul 6, 2017

Re dowloading

I downloaded this extension once and deleted it and now I am trying to re download and it wont let me. Says I have already added it but it is not on my list of extensions.

Mark Jankowski

Apr 8, 2017

Zoho Box in My Email

I removed Zoho from my Chrome extension, but the box that asks if I want to put the contact into Zoho continues to show up at the bottom of emails that I receive. how do I get rid of that?

Grafica El Apunte

Dec 19, 2016


Buenos días ,

Como asocio Zoho con gmail ?


David Jacks

Mar 5, 2016

contact alerts

I want to be able to set reminders to call a person at this date and time and then get an alert on my phone to call them. Can I do this with Zoho CRM?

Oleksandr Yusypenko

Dec 17, 2014

Русский язык!

Нужен русский язык

Paula Pagès

Nov 25, 2014



Chiang David

May 15, 2014


請問 在"價格" 說明中 " 3名使用者免費" 的真正意思是甚麼?

David Puccioni

Jan 21, 2014

non è gratis

zoho dice che è gratis fino a 3 utenti ma invece non è vero e dopo un po' ti dicono che è scaduto il periodo di prova.

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