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Jennifer Bahm

Mar 1, 2024

Not All Projects are Adding

Usually when I add a Project to Zoho, it is listed in the Books Timer Extension. It is no longer adding new Projects.

Sky Moats

Oct 17, 2023

App for iphone and android use

Is there an app for iphone and android use for employees to clock in and out of once they arrive at the jobsite

James Willcocks

Sep 12, 2023

Add shortcut to start timer

Would be nice to be a to have Ctrl + Enter start the timer after filling in all the fields.

Christine L Amweg

Mar 21, 2023

Projects Not Listed

Our Books projects are populated in our Zoho Books Timer extension. Problem = All Books projects are not listed in Chrome extension. The project list is cut off. Is there a limit to how many projects can be presented in Chrome extension?

Jeff Tincher

Sep 14, 2022

Feature to allow time to stay on top of screen

I have no problem using the timer to record hours I'm working on projects, however, I usually FORGET to stop the timer as i don't see it after working for 2-3 hours. Would be nice to allow the extension to stay on top of all screens while working.

Grant Hawkey

Apr 28, 2020

Zoho Books Australia not supported

I was wondering why the extension would never sign in, therefore being useless. Then I looked in the extension settings, and the list of Zoho domains it supports, and is missing, so the extension can't work for any Australian businesses. Could this be fixed so we can use it with Australian Zoho Books accounts too please?

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