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Joost Kroes

Sep 20, 2022

deGiro usage with new client terms

Hello, last time I tried to used it, the zeus plugin showed a warning that the new client agreement for deGiro might forbid usage of the plugin.

Is this still unsure? Or is usage of the plugin 'safe' again?

Tycho Vink

Aug 16, 2022

Payment Options

I have been a supportive user for over a year. I think you're Dutch to, but there is no way for me to pay with iDeal, only credit card. I don't have a credit card and I feel left out. I even opted for higher prices in the survey you are charging right now. I'm really sad I can't use this extension anymore. :(

Joost Kroes

Aug 9, 2022

Not all dividend row exchange rates visible, resulting missing in total dividends column in annual rapport

Great job adding the exchange rates to non-EUR dividends. I've only noticed that some dividend payments (NYSE:O february, for instance) have no shown exchange rate and that the total "dividends" column for that month remains empty.
The same problem also applies to june 2022, where shell (0% dividend tax) and OCI (no dividends applicable, due to use of a different payout structure "Kapitaalteruggave")

The problem applies to the following months
- Feb (NYSE:O)
- May (NYSE:T)
- June (Shell plc/OCI nv on EAM)

Tycho Vink

Jun 4, 2022

Dividend Received

Instead of subtracting taxes it adds it to dividends received.
Example. I get 100,- in dividends. 10,- is withheld by the broker for taxes.
It should state 90,- received in dividends on the sheet. But instead it notes 110.- received in dividends.

Fredrik Blomqvist

Dec 25, 2021


Great extension, would love it if you could offer it on Firefox as well!

Jonathan Ovenden

Nov 24, 2021

Deposits always equal zero

For some reason my deposits are always showing as zero (I deposit every month). This is causing my gains to look significantly higher than they actually are as most of the gain is due to deposits not stock performance.

VagLegend Iatridis

Oct 4, 2021


Hi! Great Work!
The only problem is that I do not see my dividends received and also there is a spelling mistake as "Dividends recieved" and not Received.
Thank you!


Jun 27, 2021

Is codebase open source?

is the code open source? I am really curious to see how this extension is coded around the DEGIRO app since I consider to create a possible future extension myself but thus far I do not really know yet what the proper way for this would be. Thanks!


May 28, 2021


Le graphique m'indique des pertes, alors que j'ai simplement effectué un retrait d'argent.

Ismael Rivera Álvarez

May 24, 2021

Dividends not working


Thank you for developing this plugin! You are doing a great job,

Somehow the Dividends received doesn't work for me, always shows 0 in all months no matter what,

Thank you

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