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Save time by automating your work.

Save time by automating your work. Zapier is a workflow automation platform that supports thousands of the most popular apps. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect the apps you use most. You can save webpages to a spreadsheet, add tasks to your to-do list, share articles with your team, automatically reply to new leads, and much more—with no manual work or coding required. Some things you can do with Zapier - Save websites to a table so you can keep track of leads, recruits, or real estate - Look up data from any app and display it in the Chrome extension without having to switch tabs or log into other apps - Share interesting articles on your social media accounts - Add items to your to-do list app - Send a webpage to your colleagues in your messaging app or by email - Report bugs to your team in your ticketing system - Discover new ways to automate your favorite tools and save time in the "Suggestions" tab How to get started 1. Install Zapier's Chrome extension 2. Sign up for Zapier (Zapier has a free forever plan. Paid plans scale with usage.) 3. Click on the Zapier Chrome extension, then click "Create Zap" to build a Zap that will automate the task you want 4. Then, whenever you want to run that workflow, click its button in the Zapier Chrome extension Pro tip: don't forget to "pin" the Chrome extension so it's easy to access. What people are saying about Zapier "I would go as far to say that it has increased my personal efficiency by more than 400 percent." —Garrett Grohman, Indiegogo "Zapier helps us to work faster and smarter by removing manual processes. We can now focus on adding a personal touch to our work." —Olivia Jardine, Meister "Zapier probably saves me about 10 hours a week, when it comes to running our design operations. If I tap into my math skills, I do believe it’s 25 percent more productive!" —Lindsey Redinger, InVision Learn more in our Zapier for Chrome tutorial: Need more info? Checkout our website:

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    6 января 2024 г.
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    Zapier Inc.
    508 Market St #62411 San Francisco, CA 94104 US
    Электронная почта
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