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Oldřich Linhart

May 23, 2024

Option to hide "BLOCKED" window elements

Hi, this looks like a great extension with lots of potential, but it doesn't currently support what i'm looking for, which I feel wouldn't be a hard addition.
I want to block comments from certain users from appearing in comments sections. Right now I can do that, but instead of their comments, theres a huge box saying "BLOCKED; Blocked channel: ...", which is just as annoying as the comments i'm trying to block, they're just replaced by this box. Is it possible to add a blacklist/filter which just hides the comments as if they weren't there without any extra UI elements, or an option in the Settings to not show these boxes?
Thank you

Echo Gladsew (Gladsew)

May 16, 2024



Yahrite Fohb

Apr 25, 2024

Lag, unfortunately

I have nearly 2000 videos blocked. Lately youtube has been an absolute slog to run. Even my mouseover volume control is very slow. Surprisingly videos still play fine but everything else is very slow.

My first guess was to try disabling this extension. Easy to test. Scroll volume up and down and see the lag. Disable, repeat, no more lag at all. I like the functionality of this extension better than blocktube but I can't deal with the lag anymore, and there's thousands more videos out there to block.

ana luiza trajano

Feb 21, 2024

Sincronização com outros dispositivos

Olá gostei muito dessa extensão porém, os canais estão bloqueados somente no computador, gostaria que bloqueasse em todos os dispositivos em que minha conta está logada. Obrigada. Vocês conseguem inserir isso?


Dec 22, 2023

Password protection keep popping up

The extension ask me to enter password for every time I open a video.

Mik Bamford

Dec 18, 2023

Password Protection Popup

Everytime I click on a new video it keeps asking me to enter my password protection. I have removed the extension and readded it. It stops for about 1-2 days and then starts back up again. I have added a password and clicked keep unlock for some time but nothing seems to fix it. Other than that, extension works great - but it's really annoying have it pop up every time I need to refresh or click on a new video.

Paula Tuono

Dec 4, 2023

Não consigo mais bloquear canais

Funciona muito bem, diminuiu drásticamente a quantidade de canais lixo que apareciam para mim, mas não consigo mais bloquear canais novos que surgem com conteúdos que eu abomino ou tenho nojo.


Oct 1, 2023


First time user and I keep getting the message" This extension may have been corrupted" every time I try to add this extension. I've never had this issue with any other extensions on Chrome before and don't know how to fix it as clicking "Repair" doesn't seem to help and neither does removing and re-adding the extension. I'm on a Windows 7 desktop, if that helps figure out the issue. I really wanted this extension cause there's a LOT of YT vids I don't want to see but don't want to use Restricted Mode since it won't solve my issues and this extension seems like the best available option.

nox player74

Oct 1, 2023

Block Channels stop working

I add 518 channels on my blocking list and I can't ADD MORE.

john es

Sep 27, 2023

More Suggestions

This is my favourite video blocking extension that has better features than any other video-blocking extension on the Chrome Web Store. Good work! I have a few suggestions:

- When trying to do work, I tend to get distracted by music videos a lot. There should be an additional setting to block videos released by artist channels. These channels tend to have a music note icon located next to their channel name.
- I also noticed that some music videos have a VEVO logo on the bottom right when the video is playing. Maybe there is a way for the extension to identify VEVO videos so they can get also blocked with a setting.
- There should be a setting to block music videos that are automatically generated by YouTube. In the description of an automatically generated video, it should say: "Auto-generated by YouTube." The channel that published that video should also not be a real channel. These channels tend to end with "{channel name} - Topic"
- Add a setting to block videos from verified channels. Verified channels have a checkmark icon next to their channel name.
- If it is possible, add a modifier that detects the category of the video.
- When I set blocking settings, I like to have 2 settings that I tend to export and import into Video Blocker across devices. I have personal settings which blocks some stuff. I then also have work settings which blocks everything that personal settings blocks and more. Instead of having to tweak things across both settings every time I want to change something in personal settings, there should be a way to perhaps manage settings "layers" (just a name idea). There could be different layers of settings that stack on-top of each other and compile into a single group of settings rules once applied. For example, I could create a settings layer to block music and another layer to block gaming videos and posts. On my personal Chrome profile, I could import the layer for blocking music. Meanwhile, on my work-related Chrome profile, I could import both layers to block music and gaming videos at the same time, where the blocking of gaming videos could possibly be ordered to take precedence over the layer for music videos. Basically, this is the equivalent of installing the Video Blocker extension multiple times in a single Chrome profile with different settings applied to each instance of that extension. I hope this last suggestion is easy to understand.

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