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Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Pierre Ligneres

Jan 4, 2023

where are the data saved on chrome ?

Hello, I use your tool and I like it , it is helpfull for me to learn guitar. Could you tell me where are located the data saved in chrome ? I want to save these data on my side sometimes to try to restore them in case I lost them on the browser. Many thanks,

Joseph Parisi

Jun 11, 2020

I gotta be honest.

It really sucks this extension won't be worked on anymore. I don't suppose you would reconsider at all?

Stephan Luis

May 7, 2020

Main controls are not loading ...

I'm only seeing the '∞ Looped Video' column which doesn't have any function (really ) on its own. See the screenshots and video on . But not getting the app to work on my browser.

Manuel Páez

Apr 2, 2020

Problems with the app

Hi! I've been using the app with no problems, but untill one or two days I'm having problems, when I click the loop button, a part of the program appear in the right side, over the recomendated videos, and doesn't show all the options, What is going on? It's a perfect app, if you can resolve this would be so great.
Thank you so much!!

Joseph Parisi

Mar 31, 2020

Another issue

Because having to start over from scratch with my loops wasn't frustrating enough, now the interface isn't appearing again.

Joseph Parisi

Feb 24, 2020

Update to my issue

I never deleted any cookies or site data. I just lost all my saved content. Are you sure there isn't anything you can do on your end?

Joseph Parisi

Feb 8, 2020

Keeping labels selected when going to another video

Do you think you could make it possible to keep the selected labels on when changing videos? For example, I have a group of videos labeled "Forgets how to English": a collection of videos where the commentator forgets how to say words properly. Everytime I play a new video from that group, the label is deselected and I have to manually click on it again.

Digital Wojtyła

Jun 24, 2019

doesnt show up fix pls

doesnt show up fix pls

Im a Mystery

May 11, 2019

Not working

Icon won't show up. Tried reloading, reinstalling. Still icon won't appear

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