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Jul 31, 2023


No issue, is it possible to find a way so I could integrate this into my facebook group that I could pin to the top of the page, this would allow users to play a ideo while in the group for others to see and share, but to make it really fancy, how about within the same player, allow a user to search, save and send a notice to a group member of any YT video, that would be waiting in the player in a notice or text format highlighting that users name, so all they have to do is come into the group, see the notice, click on the notice and the video plays for them within the app platform, but make that same video available for any group user to play as well.
So here would be your app, pinned to the top of the group so it easily found and noticed upon entry to the group. the user see's their name highlighted in a text format to the side of the player, clicks it and it plays, but also allow the individual who is sharing the video with the group user, a short message to the user like "Hi Jim, here's that video I was talking about." The option for the one sharing to include the entire group would be awesome too and should display a color in the notification that group users will come to recognize over time making the video and share more appealing.
Just a thought!

Sergey Andreev

Apr 7, 2019


Update Video Box App.crx please!

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