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Jun 13, 2021

Not work when file used

When timer create file used other app.

Johannes Knoetzen

Mar 7, 2020

i need help

How do i upload or schedule on this chrome extend? Can you please help!

Dai Truong

Nov 27, 2019

Upload movie or animation to youtube?

How may I upload 50 image movies from various website to youtube?
Is igt poss. using your app from google photos, drive, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumbler 50 images as animation 2 upload to youtube

Clever Kelpies

Apr 7, 2018

Can't get it to show up.

I have installed and used previously (prob late 2017) with success. Went to use again and does not have the options showing. I uninstalled and installed latest version. Closed Browser, Cleared Cache. Checked it is turned on in extensions. Still just showing the normal you tube "select files to upload" message. Not getting the scheduling part showing at all.

Benjamin van Rensburg

Feb 18, 2017

just one thing

This is the software i need but how to I access/use the extension?

Samuel Waugh

Feb 5, 2017

One small bug

Hey there im sam and im a youtuber and i use your plugin all the time but there one bug that im hoping you guys can patch. OK so lets say i start the upload and schedule it, it then uploads the video properly and its done, but when attempting to edit the video below, specifically the thumbnail uploading is broken as long as your plugin is enabled. I can click on "Choose File" and it does nothing, because i can see your plugin overlay behind the button. If you guys can take a look into this it would be great. thanks!

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