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Chris Boselli

Mar 29, 2023

Upload time or publish time?

Does this extension tell you the video upload time (when it was physically uploaded by the user, could be just upload time where they schedule to publish it for the public later) or video publishing time (when it was actually published for viewing on YouTube)?

Matt Winans

Mar 13, 2023

Could you please amend the time to the date in the video description?

It would be a lot more useful than having to click the icon... not to mention this icon needs to be pinned, for such a simple feature. Thank you otherwise for creating this extension.

Kala dora

Mar 8, 2023

Time zone

How to select time zone

Jason Burnett

Apr 28, 2022

Visibility of extension icon

The pop-up when I added the extension to my browser said "This icon will be visible when the extension can act on the current page." This is NOT the case - I ended up having to pin the icon to the toolbar in order for it to be visible, which means it is also visible on non-Youtube pages. Please fix this.


Feb 22, 2022

Timezone offset by one

When i select my timezone (france) it say that the time is GMT+2

But right now my timezone is GMT+1

If i select greenwich timezone, it say GMT+1 (which is ironic...)

Zen Kai

Jul 5, 2021

No icon to use the extension in my browser

I installed the extension but no icon has shown up in my browser to be able to use it. Thanks.

Using Windows 7 on Chrome

George Liakouras

Apr 6, 2021


PLEase answer if this is our local time based on our windows settings or the uploaders local time, which may be different.

Omar Sait

Feb 4, 2021

Which local time

Does it say my local time or is it some other country's local time?

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