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Liton Roy

Oct 18, 2023

Hi time


Diego Fernández

May 12, 2023

Override problem

I can't override any videos in youtube, although I gave 30 minutes per override. It just closes and gives me the override option again
Also, I can't see the countdown


Feb 14, 2023

Perfect extension


I like your extension 'YouTube Time' very much! Could you make the same extension for other sites too? I would like to limit my Facebook time, and *.io games time as well.

Thank you again!

Mark Starmach

Dec 27, 2022

Messages of motivation

Hi there. I'm really grateful for your extension. I've been trying to curb my YouTube habits for years now. I'm 32, and started watching YouTube incessantly in '06 - so, 16 years. Half my life. This extension is finally helping me kick the habit.

One suggestion I had though was about including a motivational message when it says "Time is up!", one that the user has written as a note to themselves - so that when it says "Time is up!" it hits you with a reminder about why you've chosen to block YouTube.

It's all too easy to, in that moment of weakness, just press 'Override', or go into Options then 'Override'. But a message from myself about why I'm doing this, might just be enough to motivate me to stick to the behaviour. Ideally, I'd be able to set multiple messages to myself, and it'd serve them up randomly so I'm hit from different emotional angles at the end of each day's YouTube Time. Because only I can guilt trip myself the right way.

Anyway, just a thought about how to make this Extension even more extensive. Take care. Mark.

Philip Broughton-Mills

Feb 20, 2022

Override doesn't work with Watch Later list

Extension works properly in all other areas, but if you are watching your Watch Later playlist and run out of time, clicking Override will reload the current video and instantly trigger another Time Is Up warning, so it is impossible to continue watching.

Jennifer Bates

Nov 14, 2021

Can't see timer countdown

Hi, I installed Youtube Time on two Chromebooks connected to my kid's school district. The timer isn't showing up so my kids can see how long they've been on Youtube. Can you help me fix this. Thanks.

Anony Moose

Apr 30, 2021

Override not working for Playlists/queued videos

When I'm playing music videos in a playlist or have added multiple videos to the queue, the override function does not work. It takes me back to the video for a split second, then goes back to the override page, with one override less. Would you be able to help with this?

Hui Deng

Apr 5, 2021

does not do anything

I installed the extension and set a time limit. But nothing happens on No pop up, no timer, nothing happens way past the time limit. The options are quite simple. I tried a few different settings (different time limits, overrides, day specific etc.) and still nothing ever happens on Is there any special Chrome settings that would prevent to function at all? Thanks very much for any help.

Darío Mercado

Jan 6, 2021

Blocking wrong tabs.

I've only been using the extension for a few hours and I'm enjoying it, but I've been experiencing a bug where it's blocking tabs which are not youtube, this making lose where I was in a page and although it hasn't happened yet, possibly lose work. It's happened on a Twitter tab, Gmail tab or even a blank new tab. I'm not sure what's the cause of it, but to help, I am currently watching youtube in a second window on my second monitor. And it seems to be randomly blocking tabs that I'm working on which are in my main monitor. It is currently running on override mode since I was watching a stream earlier and currently watching some long format content which exceeds the time limit. This these factors in mind, I would think maybe it's a weird interaction from the override mode it's on, and the two Chrome windows I'm using.

Ran Shaashua

Dec 23, 2020

a few ways to improve the timer.

make the "time's up" screen an overlay to the youtube site, so when you click "override" it will not need to reload the page, because what happens now is that it reloads the page and sometimes it detects it as if the user did it and just wastes an override. also, i think it would be better if it only works when im actually watching a video (so just and not so if i accidentally leave youtube open on the home page for example, it will not count that.

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