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צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 2
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צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 2
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 2

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The best summary tool for YouTube.Generating videos transcript and summary with Bing Chat AI.

YouTube Summary with Bing Chat - All Browsers provides an access to the summary of YouTube videos. Let you quickly get the content of the YouTube video, save time and learn quicker. Features ● Save time:Quickly go to Youtube video location in the subtitles ● Fast speed:Load quickly to videos summary ● Easy to use:One-click summary generation, you can also copy the content How to use ● Simply go to YouTube website ● Choose video you are interested in and click to watch ● Click the Transcript & Summary drop-down box on the right side of the video,It will show you the video subtitles, if it has. ● At the same time, AI Summary button, Jump to current time button and Copy Transcript button will be displayed. ● Click the AI Summary button, we will open new tab and jump to to get summary. (you must have Microsoft account and have access to the new Bing chat). Note: It should be noted that not everyone is able to use Bing Chat's analytics feature, and you need to ensure that your Microsoft account is able to use the Edge browser's chat feature properly.If you don't have access to the new Bing Chat, you can join the waitlist at Q&A Q1:What is Bing Chat? A1:Bing Chat is powered by GPT-4, the latest and most advanced AI language model, to provide you with the most accurate and relevant answers to your queries. Q2:What is Youtube video summary? A2:YouTube video summary is a written overview of the content in a video on the YouTube platform. The summary provides a quick way to understand the video's topic and important information. 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