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Just Sturgis

Jun 5, 2023


Since I have installed the extension it has been stuck on "Calculating summary cost..." More than 3 hours now.

Not sure if this is a settings issue or something else. Simply not working for me.

Coach Sisodia (Aditya Sisodia)

May 21, 2023

Unable to view the youtube summary from Summaries section

Some videos are 1 hr long so when the summaries section is revisited to review the summary points with time stamp, it direct the messages to download again from chrome store.

Kurnia Kwik

Apr 13, 2023


I really hesitate when the extension asked me to paste my OpenAI API key number. How if the owner of the extension use it for their personal interest and use? Please confirm and explain.

Scott Paul

Apr 6, 2023

Error Message

On some youtube videos I get a "Sorry! Transcribing the provided YouTube video is currently not supported." message. What videos aren't available for this?

Michał Będkowski

Mar 12, 2023


It would be very useful to have a dropdown list of the output languages to choose from.


Feb 24, 2023

check the time stamps beyond 1 hour

after 1 hour the timestamp is incorrect.
easy fix ;) good extension so far.


Feb 5, 2023

Save location?

Does it save it anywhere to retrieve later?

drew surgison

Feb 4, 2023

api keys

does this use any keys/ tokens bc i got $18 free but they just expired so does this use one of their free services or will it use them?

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