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Kon Anast

May 24, 2024


Is this project open source can we contribute to this project.

Divya Bhargava

May 14, 2024

extension not working

i have updated my chrome browser and relaunched the youtube tabs. i even closed all the tabs and freshly opened in chrome but pressing the grey key (') while a video is played doesnot change the speed. Can you please help? i really need to use the extension. if it works i'd be the most grateful. thanks!


Jan 17, 2024

change the speeds the plug in cycles through?

Can the user adjust the different speeds the ` key cycles through? It would be very useful to have 1.25x and 1.5x as 2x is generally way too fast when you are watching something where people are talking.

Pierre Boiteux

Jan 15, 2023

AZERTY keyboard?

I don't think I can click the ` key because on an azerty keyboard, it moves the youtube timer (it's on the same key as number 7)


Jan 12, 2023

not working

srsly tried reloading a bunch of times, still not effective

Mr Sunsceen

Oct 25, 2022

Is it just me?

How do you activate it?

i am typing ` or + but nothing is happening

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