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Paul Schofield

May 22, 2024

Does this work when I cast it to a Chromecast Audio?

It doesn't seem to control the playback speed when I cast it.

Ohad Ben Dov

May 17, 2024

error in the console

It works great, except for this error that annoys me in the console:
Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.

It seems I'm not the only one who is bothered by this, could you please try to fix it?
Thank you!

Deyvison Souza

Mar 3, 2024

A good ideia to make it perfect

a checkbox to enable/disable the speed settings only for videos categorized as "Music" which might be indicative of songs. It would avoid us to reset the speed everytime we want to listen a song and change it again when we return to podcasts or other types of videos.

Dark Lord

Jan 13, 2024

default reset speed

can you please add the feature to change the default reset speed for 1x to any number , it will be really helpful if you do so

Vlad Savitsky

Jan 10, 2024

Extension blocks video playing

Any video at sites not playing since 11.01.2024. When extension disabled then video plays well.

Pavel K

Jan 1, 2024

doesn't work properly on dailymail

it doesn't work properly with the videos on the speed number appears in the middle of the video and part of the video gets unresponsive

Max Payne

Dec 12, 2023

problem with playing/pausing

if this extension is working, sometimes if i hit the space bar to play or pause the video, it would not work.

at other times hitting the space bar does work.

plz look into this. i am using Google chrome on windows 10

David Hettich

Nov 28, 2023

Caption Issue

Love this extension. Im getting an issue that when I press the "+" and "i" buttons, youtube automatically shows me examples of the size of captions for the video. Basically, I get a text that says "Captions look like this" in reference to the size of captions.

Any way this could be disabled?



Nov 4, 2023

this extension is making youtube think I'm using a adblocker

the only way to watch youtube is if you disable your extension for firefox. I want to use your extension yet its causing issues, I have to disable your extension until you fix the false adblock issue.


Oct 27, 2023

Macro problem

I'm contacting you because I like the extension, and it lacks keyboard shortcuts (because sometimes I want to speed up certain parts of a video and I'd like to assign keys on my keyboard to directly accelerate x amount of time with the personalize keyboard.

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