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yuonne beckaJul 15, 2024

really cool!

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Fotografi degli Sposi Fotografo matrimonio MilanoFeb 2, 2024

I have a PC that plays music (via YouTube) on 5 loudspeakers around the house and in the bathroom. While I was in the shower or engaged in activities, the song would change, maybe the volume would double, making the house shake and the neighbours angry. Often late at night. With this automatic volume leveler my nightmare is over. I don't have to constantly run to manually level the volume. You are a genius. Your extension also does many other things, I discover them one by one. THANK YOU VERY... Show more

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Pranita AthawaleDec 27, 2023

It's the best it helped me to increase my productivity i really needed this

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t3al e7kilakOct 21, 2022

Disable auto pause does not work

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Ghayz 14Oct 14, 2022

nice extensions

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Avasar MaruSep 25, 2022

Working properly

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ChromiaCatJul 14, 2022

For some reason the chapter option doesn't show anything

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Bartłomiej BąkDeveloperJul 15, 2022

hey ChromiaCat, Thanks for your comment. There can be a few reasons why you can't see chapters. It might be that the particular video doesn't have chapters. Many videos don't have them. It might be that google changed their API, and I didn't realize it yet. Changing API is a process like it was with the dislike counter. API changes over time, country by country, video by video. After such an API change, I need to prepare a fix for YT Booster, upload it to the store, wait for a review, usually a couple of days but sometimes even a few weeks, and then browsers need to update the extension. That's why from time to time, something may temporarily not work in YT Booster. Could you please provide me a link or links to videos you have issues with? Thanks a lot

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Igor LebedevApr 23, 2022

Dear developer, thanks for the useful extension - I started using it with pleasure. I suggest: 1. The storage of markers in the network database, possibly Firebase and Google Drive, if you have an account, suggests itself. It will be incredibly convenient. 2. When you click on the marker, you go to the corresponding place in the video with a reload of the entire page, while in Youtube, when you click on the time stamp, you only go to the corresponding place in the video without reloading the ... Show more

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Bartłomiej BąkDeveloperApr 24, 2022

Hey, thanks for the nice feedback :) Ad. 1. I've never thought about network storage, but Google Drive sounds good. Firebase would be limited to technical guys, so I will add it to my to-do list but with a lower priority. Ad. 2. That's also a good idea. I will add the YT jump-style to the markers of the currently playing video. For makers of other videos, I will leave it as it is for now, but I will add it to my to-do list as well :-) Ad. 3. That's what I've been thinking about since day one I added that feature, but because nobody requested it, I thought nobody needed this, so why spend time on it? Now there is a reason ;-) Once again, thanks for the very nice and valuable feedback.

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Jumael ahmedMar 28, 2021

Fantastic work! I don't need UI/UX it's just meets my needs. Thanks a ton!

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aleksandra stalmarskaApr 15, 2020

My favorite tools - Video Speed and Markers. So helpful!

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