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Ryan Slingerland

Apr 23, 2021

Doesn't work as of April

Ever since youtube put out a new update in which closed captions wouldn't read profanity this extension stopped working, a work around would be to add [ __ ] this to your filtered words. Unfortunately the extension won't allow this as a valid word. I know that this filter hasn't been updated in a while but adding this [ __ ] so that users can filter the actual swear words would be much appreciated!

Elijah Pelikan

Jan 26, 2021

filter this [_]

this will make it work with modern YouTube

Samuel C

Nov 4, 2018

Does not work at all

When I go to a video with swearing, the extension just does nothing. It's just grayed out. When I click the options button, I just get a blank page.


Sep 19, 2018


theres no thing to show what to block out

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 22, 2018

Not filtering swearing

This is a wonderful concept, but after multiple tries I am still having no success with the extension. It isn't filtering on any videos, and I am not getting the "menu" you talk about that is supposed to appear just below the video. I hope you investigate and solve the problem. Thanks.

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