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Dec 24, 2023

doesn't work

hey could you point me to the instructions?
i cannot make it work.


Apr 12, 2023

Otamatik Boyut Yapma

Her Video da Otamatik 100 Döüyor Oysa Ben 133 h da Tutmak istiyorum Sürekli Sürekli Değişiyor Yardımcı Olabilir misiniz?

Roary “Roars”

Feb 25, 2023

Something (YouTube) is forcing the standard aspect ratio in full screen

overriding your extensions change to the aspect ratio while in full screen.
please continue to support this niech but useful tool.

Azymack Renato

Feb 12, 2023

Same problem as this guy JP, Posted jan 30, 2021.

Not working.
It's stuck at "regular fullscreen size" not larger, but can be smaller...It zooms past 100% only when not at fullscreen.

bharghav T

Jan 16, 2023

Stopped working

Team it's stopped working

Theios Savage

Aug 3, 2022

monitor compatibility

i have a 35 ich monitor and it works perfectly, but i have a question, would the 142 % work on odyssey g9 [32:9 monitor]

Keith (cklx622)

Jun 18, 2022

Make this available on Firefox again

This was deleted on Firefox. Please support Firefox too

Daniel Rem.

Jun 10, 2022


Please make it for firefox. I like this extension


Jan 18, 2022

Associate the video ID from the URL with the most recent setting?

I assume you have some way to save stuff to local storage. Can you save a table/dictionary/map that takes the video ID from the URL and returns the most recent custom aspect ratio? Anything not stored in the map would be assumed to be 100%, so it would only contain stuff set by hand, and you'd delete anything that was set back to to 100%, so it shouldn't eat up too much local storage space for the average user.


Jul 10, 2021


Hi, could you add 117/118% into the selection. It would be perfect for the Huawei Matebook 14. Now with it at 116%, there are still a slight black space on top & bottom. God bless!

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