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West Laurel Rec Council

Apr 11, 2020

Does "Your Python editor beta" require Developer mode?

I am using a school managed Chromebook that doesn't allow Developer mode. I would like to compose & syntax check Python programs then transfer them to a LEGO EV3 robot for execution.

Also, can I add my own libraries?

Denis-Adrian Tanase

Oct 16, 2019

Input error

Whenever i try to use a user input command i get an error, i see other people have the same problem. Is this feature not supported?

Loic Peloille

Apr 4, 2019


When ever I try do make an in put it says : ExternalError: TypeError: Cannot read property 'v' of undefined on line. How should we fix this?

Hardip Singh (Hardeep)

Mar 1, 2019

Can't get basic input from user.

I am starting to learn Python and I cannot get input.

When I ask for input it displays the following error.

ExternalError: TypeError: Cannot read property 'v' of undefined on line 1


x = input(" ");

Nigel Warman

Nov 30, 2018


The programme has not installed despite showing as added

Jenifer Rubin

Nov 23, 2018

How to install a library

I just purchased your ide and I would like to know how to install libraries if im saying it right,
the commands that show a drop down list to what I'm going to program.

Isabella Ketley

Feb 3, 2017


The questions dont get asked in orderand the question also isnt showed in the notification. The question could show where the print statements are and can be asked in order.

Isabella Ketley

Feb 3, 2017


Are you able to do images on this app such as import turtle.

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