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Eleven Eleven

Sep 5, 2017

Please Update

This is not working with the newest youtube update... please update asap.

Shawn Hawkins

Apr 24, 2017



Shawn Hawkins

Apr 16, 2017


When are you going to fix this thing?

Shawn Hawkins

Apr 14, 2017

the goddam thing stopped working

Bullshit extension. worked for a while and now it doesn't let me block anyone.


Jan 17, 2017

Troll Starver contact

Maybe the two of you can figure out a way to get it working; here is the link


Jan 17, 2017

True of Troll Starver TOO!

Something to do with iframe or persistent iframe

Irene Oldakowski

Jan 14, 2017

Please Update

Since Youtube changed it's chat YouBlock stopped working.This is a great tool and is missed.

BigWest Purdue

Jan 4, 2017

Doesn't work with chat "popped out" fullscreen

YouBlock works great for a default YouTube chat box to the right of a video not in full screen mode. It does NOT seem to work however when you "pop out" the YouTube chat into a second window. I often do this so I can have a full screen video streaming on one monitor, and full screen chat on the other.

It would be awesome if there is any way to add this.

Winter Wonderland

Sep 19, 2016

Not working

Cant block anymore?

medico hilleroed

Feb 28, 2016


It'd be nice if we could make some live chats remember the blocked users. I looked into modding your script, but gave up almost straight away.

Great job BTW.. I don't know how I managed before finding this :-D

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