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ken keller

Jun 11, 2017

Please wait loading ...

I just installed it. I was able to text someone. I deleted a text on my phone & it sync-ed to chrome -- great. I deleted a text on chrome & the yappy page shows:
Please wait loading ...
I restarted chrome & the yappy Android app. Same problem.
I texted again & the "loading" msg vanished.

Dominiqueuuu420 mafiastonerfreack420 (kleine)

Jan 25, 2017

gsm beveiligingscode

jaa ik heb een nokia gsm gekregen en ik had daar direk een code op gezet ma gewoon van gsm zelf en in 1 keer ik pak mijn gsm kwil mijn code tikken en die zegt fout fout dusja khad gedacht miss beetje hecken ofso gwn die code eh wand khe die pas zou u kunnen zegen hou ofso of gwn al helpen ?

Taliesin Silverstar

Oct 29, 2015

Replacement device

My phone broke and I had to have it replaced with the same exact make and model. I can't get Yappy to work like it did before. I can receive messages on my desktop, but can't send them. Please help. I loved this app until now.

Kimberly Maxwell

Jan 27, 2015


could not hear anything said on your video except the end who made the video at the end.

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