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Nhật Trường Đặng

Dec 24, 2023

Bug Overload

My CPU often overload when using XTranstate in Edge.

Angela Drake

Nov 1, 2023

Vendor Evaluation Form (Aiken County Public Schools)

ACPSD would like to review your extension. Is there someone we could contact to have them complete our Vendor Evaluation Form?

EH. Milon

Jun 14, 2023

Add Favorite/Save icon.

This is a great extension i recently explore this. Before using this extension i used Rememberry Extension. But xTranslator is more powerful and customizable extension. I love it.
But this extension has not any icon/option to save important words & phrases. Plz add a favorite icon beside the PopUp display to save words. This will help to Revision important words and phrases.
There is a option to save history but it is quit hard to find words.


Apr 19, 2023


if there are two several TTS engines for source and target languages, it would be great, Because normally, my mother language is Turkish, but sometimes I translate an English sentence into German and in such cases, I want to hear the pronounciation of the word in both languages, would be really cool so :)

Dima Bychko

Mar 29, 2023

Small window translation impossible.

When I make broser window smaller( move it to the right screen border and browser window takes 1/3 of screen) part of translation pop-up hidden. I'ts impossible to translate, although there is still enough space for pop-up window there.

Анастасия Михайлова

Mar 16, 2023

не переводит

выделяю текст или слова, нажимаю - перевести и ничего не происходит, не переводит. Браузер google

Tomasz Dominiak

Mar 8, 2023

Unwanted language is taken due to similarities

Hi Team, I encounter over and over annoying problem when using extension for Spanish and Russian - when clicking on a single word or short phrase I often end up with
- in case of Spanish - Portuguese pronunciation (as the spelling is the same)
- in case of Russian - no pronunciation whatsoever as engine recognizes other languages with the same spelling (e.g. Azerbaijani) with no pronunciation delivered by google engine
Is there any option to exclude in XTranslate unwanted languages and stick to these few that I need? So if I could exclude Portuguese I'd always hear Spanish. Many thanks!

Tomasz Dominiak

Nov 11, 2022

slowdown after updating chrome to 107.0.5304.10

Hi, extension significantly slowed down after updating chrome to 107.0.5304.107. Thanks a lot in advance for taking a look at this issue!


Oct 28, 2022

Can I install older version?

Dear Ixrock,

I use Xtranslate since a longer time. I have Xtranslate 2.75.3. It now suddenly is totally corrupted, not translating (errors) and only strange bracket [] text on buttons instead of their normal text. Can I install an older version and continue to use the extension as it always worked?

Kind regards,



Oct 25, 2022

Problem with extension

Since a few days the extension stopped working. Buttons have weird texts and translate attempts only lead to errors in red text. Nothing works. Even reinstalling does not help.

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