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Phil Diamond

Aug 29, 2019

Copy Result to Clipboard

So I'm looking for a speed solution:
Use keyboard contents as path, copy first match to clipboard, overwriting path.

Putting that on a single keyboard shortcut would make this an INCREDIBLE tool.


E. O.

Dec 11, 2015

Doesn't work

Console error: Uncaught ReferenceError: init is not defined (anonymous function) @ VM155:1

Christos Constantinou

Nov 28, 2014


I have sadly disabled this great extension because I use alt + shift + arrows to highlight text in emails and it is becoming annoying having the sidebar pop up all the time. The sidebar is always empty as well so I don't see the point of having this.

Jozef Pažin

May 20, 2014

Change keyboard shortcuts

After last change, always when I change language for keyboard from my local (Slovak) to English - with standard Windows keyboard shortcut ALT + SHIFT, XPather Sidebar will show. Then I must press ALT + SHIFT again to close Sidebar, but this change my keyboard language back to Slovak. So, I must disable this extension when I want to use standard Windows shortcuts for keyboard.
Please add some setup page for define keyboards shortcuts or checkbox for enable / disable shortcuts. Thanks

Joey Espinosa

May 6, 2014

XPath function support

Entering an XPath function causes the extension to believe the xpath is invalid, even if the function is supported by XPath 1.0.


substring-before(//title/text(), "-")

Other XPath-related extensions support this, so I assume this is a bug.

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