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Pankaj Savsaviya

Sep 19, 2023

image download

how i can download image from myntra

Mark Dowd

Apr 26, 2023

Popup Pane obscures elements in the top section of web page

When you pop-up the extension pane, it obscures the top section of the web page (rather than pushing it down) and cannot find obscured elements.

Alex Alipoyo

Feb 15, 2023

Modal, Dialog

it doesn't work with modal

Dmytro Maksymov

Dec 14, 2021

Shift button

Please add the option to disable the Shift hotkey. One careless move and the whole the manual xpath is ruined.

Sachin Kumar S

Dec 6, 2020

It is crashing when I inspect the element on the of of the page.

Earlier before the update, the Xpath window scrolled to the bottom of the window whenever I inspected web elements at the top of the page. Now it just disappears and never restarts when I inspect other elements. Please fix this!

Cad Bane

Nov 19, 2020


Any plan to port this extension to safari?

Baofeng Yang

Oct 2, 2020

word ‘versus'

Hi, guys.
Is there anyone has the same issue?
e.g. A versus B is good idea for....
output: ['A', 'B is good idea for....']
Does the word 'versus' mean something in xpath grammer?

Dao Huy Hoang - FUG HN

May 13, 2020

Remove shift key shortcut please

Remove shift key shortcut please

Anuar Rodriguez

Nov 2, 2019

Install extention

Hi, I try to install the extention but I recive this error


And I have a temp directory with persmissions


R Rajasekaran

Jul 4, 2019

Under Iframe, We are unable to find the any element using this xpath helper.

Hi Team,

First of all I want to thank you all for giving us a wonderful utility to test our xpath locator. Almost I'm using daily to build my complex xpath. However I struck when iframe tag comes in and I cannot access element inside iframe.

Can you do something for this issue? so that we can exact xpath

Raj R

Google apps