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Sep 25, 2023

Pretty Print checkbox

i view XML pages, generated by my app in chromium. XML pages got no styles but your extension helps great for pages to become human readable.
The problem is, when i click Pretty Print checkbox all text values convert to unicode escaped characters and become unreadable.
Like this:
No prettyprint.
{"success": true,"serverName": "","cities": [{"countryId": 1102,"cityId": 262926,"name": "Абакан"}
Pretty print
"success": true,
"serverName": "",
"cities": [
"countryId": 1102,
"cityId": 262926,
"name": "\u0410\u0431\u0430\u043A\u0430\u043D"

Pieter Zijerveld

Apr 18, 2020

Doesn't work on big XML files.

When I request an XML file with 10 items (64 lines / 8Kb file) XML Tree works great. When I request the same XML file, but adjust the query to return 100 items (6320 lines / 638Kb file) during the same browser session, XML Tree doesn't format it anymore. The only variable is the size of the XML.

Dan Atkinson

Jun 20, 2019

Fold all elements to specific level

Hi! I would like the ability to fold the elements to various levels. Currently you can achieve the same thing in Notepad++ and VS Code using Alt+0, Alt+1, Alt+2... Pressing Alt+0 will collapse the XML and child elements to the root. Pressing Alt+5 will collapse the XML to the fifth level.

jose juan isaac taveras

Apr 18, 2019

local file not rendering

window is just empty; working correctly for remote file; its a local file -> i enabled access to local drive; i will follow up on this at some point but do you have any suggestion as to why it might not work? I don't really understand the known issues.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 22, 2019

I cannot get the XML tree to enable.

each time I enable to Extention XML tree it disables even after pressing update on top left corner how do i fix this..

Dietmar Krauß

Jan 10, 2019

XML Tree as standalone tool/library

Hi Alan,

love your tool and use it for multiple years now. Pretty much my standard. I was wondering if I could use it some own Web app experiments. Is it available as a JS library which I can plug in into own JS projects?


Dan Atkinson

Jun 7, 2018

Force XML Tree to parse the document as XML

Sometimes I open XML files in the browser that do not have the XML extension. However, there is no way to have XML Tree handle this without changing the file extension. For remote resources this simply isn't possible so it'd be great if either a context menu item was added or (preferably) a new item was added to the browser action that enables this. Many thanks.

Alan Stroop

May 24, 2018

Extension Issues May 2018

I've submitted a bug to the Chromium devs.

Hopefully a resolution won't take too long.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 13, 2018

How to view XML file in XML tree?

Hi - I have downloaded XMLtree plugin but my XMLs are still getting opened in chrome as it was earlier. How can I view my XML in XMLtree ?

Dan Field

Nov 2, 2017

alternative mime types

Is it possible to add additional mimetypes to render as XML. e.g. application/marcxml+xml is common in my industry. The ability to add a list of custom mimetypes which would all be treated as XML would be excelent

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