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Bruce Morgan

Jul 15, 2023 slows to a crawl

love this extension but it slows hugely

Harrison Ambler

Feb 23, 2023

How to bring list from other browsers?

I've got a long list of substitutions that I use to convert US English phrases to UK English which I'd like to keep when moving between browsers. Whether this be through a service like syncing through Google Drive or just by importing and exporting a .csv, any option would be great.

Tristan Fritsch

Mar 26, 2020

Weird Capitalization

Climate Change >> Greta Thunberg's secret fetish
That's what's supposed to happen.
However, this is what really happens
Climate Change >> Greta thUnberg's secret fetish.
A small issue, and a great extension, but it's kinda weird.

Don S. MDT

Nov 4, 2019

Substitutions 3

When are you going to add the third comic?

David Czech

Nov 16, 2018


Should replace text in <title> as well, as seen on some of the comics.

Tristen Harris

Oct 10, 2018

recursive replacements

Hey man, great job on this thing, Im going to have a ball with it but It seems to have some interesting bugs, first it continues to replace the expands multiple times so you get physically physically physically ... expands instead. Also the years-> minutes things loops back constantly and ends up on years again, basically nullifying it. It makes multiple subs in that time something like 5-7+ I didnt keep count. Might want to patch that up (or make it open source Ill take a crack at it)


Oct 6, 2018

New substitution?

joseph sarjero

Jul 26, 2018



Gail Bryan

Jul 14, 2018

Recursive expansion

expand>physically expand, ends up turning into expand>physically physically physically physically physically physically expand

Elden Lai

Jun 13, 2018


Do you think there's a possibility of making an option for substitutions to shuffle randomly? As in, the right column would pull from a list of words.

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