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Xirvik .torrent to seedbox uploader

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Simon F.

Jun 17, 2024

Doesn't work anymore on

No longer works with for several weeks. My ruTorrent clients are perfectly functional, work perfectly via other .torrent links on other sites.

Tom Collins

May 22, 2023


This was working great. My seedbox was terminated then restored with a new password. I have updated the credentials in the options, and get a successful test. But clicking on a magnet link and now I get this error: "Seedbox error the server has rejected your credentials". Help.

Mike Pfeffer

Jan 2, 2023

Upload failed

I'm trying to either left-click or use the option to force context menu for all links to upload from Myanonamouse. I've correctly configured and tested the extension for Deluge on my seedbox. I keep getting "upload failed" errors with the extension. Anything I can do to capture a more verbose error or fix?

Greg Hines

Aug 6, 2020

Error Message


"Server unreachable" error
I get a "Server unreachable" error every time I use the extension, but the torrent is uploaded successfully. This only happens in Chrome, FF completes without error.



Red Dawn Rising

Mar 18, 2020

Can it save torrent files to a seedbox without adding them?

I have ruTorrent's autotools plugin configured to add torrents found in a watch directory. It adds a label based on the subdirectory within the watch directory where the torrent was found and it automatically moves the files to a specified location upon completion. When I use RTA to add torrents to ruTorrent directly, autotools won't do the automove on complete so, rather than having torrents added, I want them to just be saved and leave autotools to handle the adding so it will also do the labelling and moving. Can Xirvik do this?

Larry Woodring

Mar 1, 2020

"Server unreachable" error

I get a "Server unreachable" error every time I use the extension, but the torrent is uploaded successfully. I'm using it on Whatbox. the URL looks like this:
The client type is set to 'rutorrent'.

Thomas Regina

Dec 31, 2019

Not Working with QBittorrent 4.2.1

Will you be modifying it to work with the new version of Qbittorrent?

Meth Methanoid

May 7, 2019


Does this support Transmission as I cannot see any option?

Tú Nguyễn

Apr 16, 2019

Unable to display non-top directories with rutorrent

It looks like CORB: is blocking the request for second level and lower directories when selecting download destination.

Ben Thompson

Mar 31, 2019


Having the same as above error redirect issue.

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