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Cynthia Letellier

Mar 10, 2023

xBrowserSynch, do I have to install it on both browsers for it to work?

I installed it on Chrome and then I added a test folder to my bookmarks, but that folder is not appearing in my Firefox bookmarks. So what am I doing wrong?


Oct 26, 2022

No connection

It says not connected to the network even though im online. What is going on??

Niklas Huss

Oct 26, 2022

Do not sync at the moment

Something is wrong with the site, I get a "Error: Exceeded maxRedirects. Probably stuck in a redirect loop"

r w

Jun 19, 2022

QR code is blank

I can't sync to Android because the QR code is blank here in Chrome. The QR code can be shown from desktop Firefox addon, but I'm not using Firefox. Please help syncing!

Phil Morris

Apr 27, 2022

"No sync available"

That's the error from the extension itself. Just tried to connect to the website and I'm getting 'server unaccessible'. Is the service redundant now or just maintenance?

Ade Rickus

Apr 17, 2022

Giving up

Hello there, i am at the point of giving up with your app. I am trying to use it and it was working perfectly, until a few days ago. The program now seems to error, with a local data has been refreshed error, please redo unrefreshed changes. Now, the error unfrotunately, doesnt describe what needs to be done very well and all i want it to do is sync again, which it refuses to do.


Dec 10, 2021


我的插件,设置密码登录失败,上面提示:Unexpected bookmarks structure
Possible corrupt browser profile, try creating a new profile as it may resolve the issue.


Errol Simpson

Jul 19, 2021

How do I get the SCAN code to show up in Desktop Firefox and Chrome so that I can scan it on my Mob???

How do I get the SCAN code to show up in Desktop Firefox and Chrome so that I can scan it on my Mob???

Adrian Smith

May 6, 2021

xBrowserSync gets automatically disabled in Chrome

I can install it, but something in Chrome or environment disables the extension.
Any suggestions?


Mar 16, 2021

Sharing Selected Folders

Sharing Selected Folders

Is it possible to share only selected folders between Chrome Profiles, same as TeamSync can?

And still work with Chrome Sync?

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