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Manu S Ch

Mar 6, 2024

What's next?

Will we get back the multiple accounts from same supplier?
save passwords?
the dashboard is not showing
hotmail disappear from time to time


Dec 23, 2023

Proton Mail

Is there a way to use "scripts" or other than Gmail etc to work with Proton Mail? Thanks!

Marcus Gregory

Dec 13, 2023

Badge Count

Hi, Can the badge count of unread emails be removed from the addon? Thanks

Caterinia Lawrence

May 4, 2023

The May 3rd Update Didn't Fix Anything

Allegedly this extension was updated yesterday, but it still doesn't work on all the sites I had mentioned in a prior comment. Yes, I updated the extension on my browser.

Caterinia Lawrence

May 4, 2023

Extension doesn't work right anymore

This extension doesn't work for Outlook, AOL, and Yahoo Mail. I use all of them, and don't use Gmail much, and Gmail is the only one that works. Please fix. I was waiting for you to fix it, because other users have had the same problems and asked you to. Thanks.


Apr 30, 2023

When click the email dont open the website of mail

It does not open the mailbox when i click on the email/alias in the X-Notifier icon in the toolbar. It does not even open Dashboard.

Royce Morco

Mar 27, 2023

Outlook Webmail can't be tracked

It's working till last December 2022. Went bonkers just this year 2023

Terrence Skinner

Feb 23, 2023


still not working for hotmail

Bata Savovic

Feb 21, 2023

Non-existent E-Mail address

Recently "null" or "unidentified" like E-Mail address appears in X-notifier Neo
and it is not possible to delete it. This is non-existent E-Mail address. I am using
notifier in Firefox which worked quite well until now. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Kirtan Patel

Jan 21, 2023

Gmail is not showing up

Gmail accounts are not showing up in x-notifier New.

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