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Feb 15, 2024

Yandex script works only with one account

Second Yandex account does not work. I tried adding it using the same script and a copied script as well. Second Yandex mail icon is shown in the red when I click it log in page is shown and Yandex offers me to enter the code sent to backup email address. As soon as I try again the situation repeats itself.

Alp Demirel

Nov 7, 2023

No pop-up on Chrome browser on windows 10.

Hello devs,

No pop-up on Chrome browser anymore on Windows 10. Reinstalled the add-on, reactivated and saved in the options, but no use. Please help.

Bryan Tan

Sep 2, 2023

not working

here's the one i found working.

Sylvain Dubrofsky

Sep 1, 2023

Keeps taking focus

If I have x-notifier extension active, it will grab the focus from whatever other mac window I am on and bring me back to brave. Very frustrating

Don Curry-Allen

Apr 15, 2023

None of the available scripts will work with Is there any way to fix this?


Feb 22, 2023

Hotmail script problem

Problem with the hotmail script since a few days. Even if we are connected, x-notifier is always offline.

Dimitris Skoutaris

Oct 4, 2022

hidden password

can i see the hidden password? cause i lost the note and if i remove the add-on im f...

Özdemir Öktem

Aug 30, 2022

Script (Yandex)

Hi, I can't download scripts. When will it be fixed.

Robert Fox

Jun 28, 2022

Notification icon on toolbar

Recent change of 'number of new emails' from white to black text is a bad move - harder to read. Please revert to white numerals.

Dan - Lev

May 30, 2022

Outlook checkup mail

You haven't fix the problem for linking with for checking new message.
As open this outlook had to click twice for sign in..
I see your app hasn't been updated for more than a year..

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