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Darryl K

Sep 7, 2020

Temperature not updating on the toolbar.

The temperature has not been updating on the toolbar for months.

Jay Dee

Jan 25, 2020

No longer showing correct temp

As several others have reported, the temp showing in the extension bar no longer updates. Mine has been showing 59.8F for 3 weeks, regardless of the temp at the weather station. Clearly an issue you need to address.

Don Krupicka

Jan 9, 2020

Temperature no longer updating

Seems that this extension is no longer receiving temperature data from WU. Can you check to see what the problem is and provide status? thank you

Trent Bolling

Jan 8, 2020

Temperature No Longer Updating

On multiple computers, the temperature is no longer updating. Perhaps due to new WU privacy policy?

Liz Zoob

Dec 7, 2019

Wrong station id

My extension displays the wrong station ID (EHAM? Where is that?) and when I put in what I believe to be my local station ID there is no temperature displayed at all, just a dot. Clicking the icon now results in a 404 error.

Kevin Overland

Sep 15, 2019

Works once I got it set up.

Needed to RIGHT click on the icon, enter my station ID in the settings, then it works. Maybe include that in the app description? I agree that it would be better if the temp was rounded even truncated would be OK.

Greg R

Jul 7, 2019

WUTemp Chrome extension

Clicking the icon now results in a 404 error.

Dan Beck

Apr 25, 2017


Extension icon is no longer displaying the temp.

Michael Cooper

Jul 1, 2016


my toolbar ALWAYS displays 16 degrees! How can I get this resolved?

Jonathan Pensak

Nov 25, 2015

Please Remove Decimals

Hi, temperature with a decimal is kind of hard to read--could you offer the option to round temp. to nearest whole number and increase font of temperature in notification area?

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