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jerry fender

May 4, 2020

Why am I getting this message when I try to share my post?

Why am I getting this message? Does this mean if I share the link it will disappear after an hour?

Thanks for trying! This post will automatically be unpublished after 1 hour.


Aug 7, 2017


can you write a book on here and send it to your gmail. but not share it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 22, 2017

Can't install the app.

"A Problem Has Occurred": "Invalid Manifest"

Ai Minako

Jun 21, 2016


I would like a spellcheck option so I don't have to constantly second-guess whether I spelt a word correctly or not.

B Aissaoui

Oct 23, 2015

cannot access it

i cannot open it. i have it downloaded on my chromebook yet it refuses to open. nothing comes up when i click it. i hope you can solve this for me since i have very important documents saved on it.
much appreciated.

S. C.

Sep 11, 2015


How can I check if what I posted is online, I tried to log on your page, but I just had a "presentation" page, nothing about what was posted...

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