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Loyal Sr. Osterhoudt

Jun 30, 2024

extension for chromium

I am a linux user. Chromium is the chrome version for linux. I cant find a way to use the chrome extension. I t keeps demanding I install chrome. I'd really prefer not to as it takes agreement of giving your info/selling your info to others. Chrome is actually built from chromium (an open source software) but chromium does not require your personal information to give/sell to others (as of this time). Is there a solution for us linux users who also do not use a browser that takes your info.


Jun 23, 2019

Eklenti çalışmıyor

Crome eklentim çalışmıyor...

James Wood

Jan 29, 2018

worship leader

I added this to my chrome extensions but I can't fgind it,

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