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Rene Thöne

Dec 9, 2021

Modify the Color selector

Hi, your Watch is very close to the thing search & need.
Maybe you can add 2 features more?
1) display the Name & exact Time beside instead on a second Row: makes the Watch more compact
2) configure the Light/Dark Color. Curently i think you set dark (blue) for nighttime and Light (blue) for Daytime. It would be very cool, if i could configure the Dark/Light change manual. reason: I would like to have one Row with the opening time (dark) and closing time (light) for the NYSE (New Your Stock Exchange) 9:30 till 16:00 and for the FSE (Frankfurt Stock exchange) 8:00 till 22:00. So i can see with only a click, at which time these Stock Exchanges will open. I would also configure another german time to "Business hours" to see the normal office times at Germany (8:00 till 17:00).
Can i support your project? with this extensions, it is 90% of a project i already started to Programm, now i can stopp this.

Zach Allen

Nov 13, 2019

Mismatched ribbon for India IST

It appears the Indian IST time zones are incorrect. It shows the correct local time, but the ribbon is mismatched to other time zones.

It is currently off by one hour. IST shows that it is currently 12:30 IST which is accurate, but it matches up with other time zones one hour behind. So it is 7AM in London but shows 6AM and for CET it shows that it is 7AM when it is actually 8AM.

I've tried using the different versions of the IST available in the extension with no luck.


Oct 12, 2019

Mini Flags Next to the City Name

I would suggest adding an image of the flag of the Country, next to the City name. This would add a Visual Cue and make it easier to find the Time Zone you're looking for when you have many Time Zones in your Selected Timelines. Similarly to the FoxClocks Extension. Cheers!

Александр Кавокин

Oct 10, 2019

Choice not only timezone but a city

Hi. Your extension is really cool! What about adding possibility to choice not only timezone by name, but also by cities? For example, I don't know which timezone is for Boston, and if I want to add its zone I should first find its name (Eastern Time Zone) and only after that can add it into extension

Brian Phillips

Mar 25, 2019


Hi there.

Your extension says it has access to data that's copied and pasted. Is that anything copied from withing Chrome or is it any copied in the operating system itself? (Windows, linux, Mac??)

Iain Hill

Apr 25, 2018

Reorder Mechanism

Improve reorder mechanism with drag/drop functionality or add automatic reordering based on alphabet or GMT Offset

Iain Hill

Apr 25, 2018

Import/Export Settings

Add option to export clocks out to use on other machines by reimporting

Iain Hill

Apr 25, 2018

2 Clock Bug

- Delete all clocks
- Add 2 clocks back
- Add third clock and it overwrites the default clock

Silvio Rebelo

Nov 16, 2017


Hello, could be awesome if the panel display date as well, I`m looking few cities and few of them are on day 16, since I`m on day 17 already.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 8, 2017

nice, but....

the list of cities/countries is severly limited. Why don't you use the API provided by ?
It's free.
Also, often, clicking on the extension icon does not open the extension until I open the option window, this seems to reset it and then the extension works again.

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