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Amrinder Malhi

Oct 24, 2023

Not able to use it

after adding it to the browser and enabling it as well , cannot use the extension , whenever opening a new tab no clock

Jerry R Cole

Aug 1, 2023

Option To Show Bookmarks Bar?

Hi, thank you for building this extension -- I work with contractors in multiple time zones and this is very helpful!

Quick question – before I installed this plugin I had my Bookmarks Bar configured to only display when I opened a new blank tab. Can this extension be configured to display my Bookmarks Bar in the same manner (hidden on web pages but shown on clock page)?

Billy Joel

Nov 18, 2022

Can you have the hour of the tab to be the one of the center of the screen?

i cant find an option, if there isnt it would be a nice feature, but aside from that great extension the best new tab probably will buy a coffee for you :)

Amol Patil

Jul 11, 2022

how to enable the extention

I have downloaded the extension. it appears disabled when tried to use it. then I saw the remedy to uninstall and re-install, it doesn't helped me.

Please let me know how to fix the this.

Gabriella Villela

Dec 8, 2021

Brazil time is wrong

Sao paulo time is one hour ahead and the other Brazilian time are wrong.


Aug 19, 2021

Add ability to edit the times to convert timezone

Hi, could you add a feature to the extension where we're able to edit the time to convert timezones?

Vinoo Samuel

Nov 20, 2020

World Clock as a tab

There are so many apps these days with many great functionalities for new tabs opened in your browser. So it would be nice if you had an option of opening a tab and pinning the world clock instead of taking over the new tab functionality.

I am quite positive you will get many more downloads once you give people the option not to take over & over ride their existing new tab functionalities or apps

Tomas Blazukas

Oct 28, 2020

Can't seem to make it work properly

Not sure why but manual entry of time values show incorrect results.

The timezones I want to see are following:
London (GMT +0) Guatemala (GMT -6) New Delhi (GMT +5:30) Vilnius (GMT +2)

What I get when I enter GMT values based at 09:00 UTC/GMT +0 (I am based in London), this is on a 24h clock:

London 9:00, Guatemala 15:00, New Delhi used +5 since there is no 5:30, this shows 4:00 and Vilnius 7:00.

The times are clearly way off. And should be:
London 9:00, Guatemala should be 03:00 (not 3pm), New Delhi 14:30 and Vilnius of course 11:00.

Would you be interested in resolving the issue? I would be grateful for the assistance getting it working correctly.

Thank you

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