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Siu Kim

Jun 20, 2024

Please add archive space (separated from default list)

I have many workspaces. Some spaces are for remembering articles or something(for example, Read it late about AI trend). I think it would be cool if there is separated space for inactive workspaces. I can archive inactive workspaces into there and fucus on only active workspaces.

Thanks for your great product.

Jacobo Hernández

Oct 19, 2023

Workspace not opening


Chrome requested an update, when the update was done, the workspace that was open before the update is inaccessible now, it shows in the workspaces list, but nothing happens when I click it.

Can this be fixed?

Ben Rose

Jul 2, 2023

Please add windows support

i work on different subjects with multiple windows. and i can't use this extention for organizing workspaces unless i can save the complete session (all windows)

Christoph Grotz

Sep 6, 2022

Sync Storage

It would be great if the tab groups would be synced to my other devices with the extension. Have you considered moving from local to sync storage?

Oscar Tong

Jun 22, 2022

Does it support tab groups?

When I switch between workspaces, will it preserve and restore the tab groups within each workspace? Thanks.

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