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WorkOnIT - Your Personal Life Coach in Your Pocket. Define goals, get coaching, track your progress and invite your friends and…

WorkOnIT - Your Personal Life Coach in Your Pocket. Define goals, get coaching, track your progress and invite your friends and family to help and follow along with you. Push messaging between you and your followers means you can share messages and photos and get immediately notified without having to open the app. WorkOnIT is also available in an Enterprise Edition for use within a single organization with customized goals, coaching and backend tools to manage and track usage. Visit our support site to learn how you can have a customized WorkOnIT in your organization. WorkOnIT helps you to define your goals, share them with others, and provides coaching advice on how to work better to achieve them. WorkOnIT is the only app providing specific coaching advice to help you in your quest to achieve more. Our WikiCoach system provides a database of coaching information from our own professional coaches, with hand selected links, and auto generated feeds to keep you informed and on track. Whether your goal is business focused, such as asking for feedback, delegating, or selling better, or personal such as reducing stress, eating healthy, or learning to play guitar, we have the coaching advice you need. Our database is growing each day and is community supported, just like Wikipedia, so we allow you to share your advice with others. Sophisticated push messaging keeps you informed when your goal followers are active in helping you. You can even send out a push to your followers to ask them for help and advice. Features: • Defining – Goal creation based on the SMART goal system (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound). We have over 100 goals you can choose from or create your own unique goals! • Tracking – Keep track of the progress you are making towards your goal, frequency of activity and percentage done. • Sharing – Get help from people around you by inviting them to follow you and give you encouragement and advice through comments, star ratings, and reward “medals”. • Coaching – Our WikiCoach database of coaching advice for many of the most common business and personal goals to help you understand how to achieve your goal. • Push Messaging – Integrated push messaging helps keep you informed of your activity with those supporting you. No need to check if you have new advice or words of encouragement, the app takes care of notifying you. In-APP Purchases Available to Extend the Functionality of WorkOnIT to do even More • Add pictures to your comments. We say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and this add-on allows you to post pictures in your comments to share also with your followers. It is a great way to visualize your accomplishments and inspire those you are helping to achieve their goals. • Add actions to your goals. This add-on allows you to create steps within your goal. Think of actions as milestones along the way to accomplishing your goal. Each action has a separate due date and an automatic reminder. You can set as many steps along the way to achieving your goal as you like and your actions are shared with the people you are following. Your followers will get notifications when you create an action and when it has been completed, helping them to follow your progress towards your goal.

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