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Craig D

Jan 30, 2024

All-Day Event by default?

Hi there. I love this tool so far, but each event is defaulting to a time that I did not specify. Is it possible to set an all-day event by default or by keyword?

Roger Walker

Jun 2, 2021

Date parsing question

I'm trying to use it on webpages but never seems to parse the date. Even if i highlight the date it still doesn't select it. Am i doing something wrong?


Feb 23, 2020


1. Doesn't parse out the date in the item description, unlike what the description of the extension says.
2. You have to do two extra steps - zoom in first and then evoke the extension before the calendar event can have the same name as the workflowy item. And then you have to zoom back out to just go do your regular workflowy step. It would have been awesome if you could create the calendar event by just keeping your cursor at the bullet level for the task in that bullet level itself.

Steven Fine

Oct 16, 2018

page not loading

after clicking add to calendar the event does not load, im just getting a small section of the header and a blue line pulsing along the screen

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 5, 2018


this app is broken and only pastes url as new calendar event description.

David Ambaras

Nov 25, 2017

Selecting the Google account to use with Workflowy to G-Cal

I would like to be able to select a different Google account to default to when using this extension (not a different calendar within a given account, but a different account). Will this be possible in future versions? Thanks.

Félix Guay-Vachon

Oct 18, 2017

New Google Calendar !

Love the app!

But there is a big problem : with the new version of google calendar, the object of the task i want to "import" to google calendar is no longer automaticly written!
So it cause that every time, i need to copy/paste the text...

Can you do something about it?

Milan Kosir

Jun 23, 2016

Desktop shortcut (APP)

Hi, first of all thanks for this extension, it is a life saver for me!
The only problem until now I have, because I use workflowy as a chrome apps (you know - More tools -> Add to desktop) and there I can not use your extension (or any other extension). It would be perfect if I could launch your extension from my app window with a keyboard shortcut. Thanks in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Jeannie Miller

Jun 6, 2016


How do I disconnect WorkFlowy from my google calendar

Andreas Brinkmann

Jan 21, 2016

kein Symbol


ich hab die Erweiterung installiert mir wird aber kein Symbol in der Leiste angezeigt.

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