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Miss O.P.

Jul 4, 2020

It stop working

not sure if update issue. it stop working

Harriet Roy

Feb 18, 2020

Is there an update?

Really loved these creative options but it doesn't work anymore - is there any chance of an update?

Mark Meuer

Feb 14, 2020

Looks like it is no longer working

I love this extension. Thank you for making it!

However (there is always a "however"), it not longer appears to work. Any chance you could update it to handle whatever new HTML Workflowy is sending our way?

Miss O.P.

Jun 4, 2018

The colors stop showing up

unless I interact with the line directly. The colors stop showing up. I'm not sure the problem. Once I interact with the line with the tag it works only for that line. That means the rest of the page that hashtag is still inactive.

Jane Palik

Dec 15, 2017

Access to customization

I enabled Colorful Tags in Chrome but I cannot figure out how to access the dialog box

Yehoshua Kahan

Jan 10, 2017

Is there any way to export tag settings to other members of our team?

We're just getting started using Workflowy for our project and task needs, and I love the colorful tags extension. How can I act as administrator, and export my tags settings to our other team members?

Sean Hasselback

Jul 27, 2016

Help in maintaining

Hi, I am a developer and I would love to help you address some of the issues that others have raised with this plug-in.

I love workflowy and would love color-coded tags but I have to agree that the issue of it not refreshing when zooming in is a bit of a killer. I think it could be a simple fix; can you contact me via google+ and we can discuss?

Martin Osusky

May 26, 2016

need to refresh on zoom in/out

Hello Yiannis,

First off, excellent concept, the extension is a great feature for Workflowy.

After installing the extension, one issue arose: you need to refresh the page each time you zoom in or out for the extension to work. Based on the reviews, I would venture to say you're aware of this issue; do you have a suggestion or idea as to when the extension will be updated/fixed?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Jonathan Galvan

Feb 23, 2016

Can I back up my tags?

Hi I was wondering how do I get the file where my tags are located?

Simon Redgrave

Apr 16, 2015

Great app - but please fix..

... need for refresh on zoom in.

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