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Bernard Zitzer

Jun 1, 2024

Add Bullet to Top of the List, not Bottom

Hey, when a new Bullet is added, it's always at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to add it at the Top instead? This would make it a true "feed"-like Webclipper. Some others of the WG Slack community asked for it too. Would be a valuable addition. Thank you!

Ron Gross

Aug 18, 2021

"Unknown Error!" after every clip

For the last 1-x days, *every* time I clip something, I get this error.

The item IS SUCCESSFULLY CLIPPED to WF, despite this error.

But the lack of confidence I get seeing this is jarring.

Yann Gabioud

Apr 30, 2021

Wfx shurtcut

The shurtcut and the access of option with Wfy , Alt + W for display shurtcuts , doesn't match.
When you upgrade the new version ?

Actualy it's more difficult to working :(

Thank you for your answer

Hauke Basse

Jan 30, 2021

Hint: Dows not work in Opera (See description)

I added your extension / addon to Opera.
Just a hint, as it is well possible, that you do not support this use case.
Error message when clicking on the extension / addon icon on the right in the task bar:
"Problem setting inbox location. Cannot be top-level Workflowy list"
In fact, the chosen bullet ist NOT the top-level, but one level below.
Kind regards, Hauke

Yaniv Gatigno

Jun 15, 2020

Hi. I would like to hire you for adding a feature to this extension please

Got whatsapp?


Nov 2, 2018

diasble F5 hotkey

how to diasble F5 hotkey for this extension?
F5 is default for volume control on my keyboard
thank you

Balazs Horváth

Nov 13, 2017

Login - editable list

Dear Developer,

The extension is great, I have only one small problem: if I share with someone an editable workflowy menu\list, and that person want to clipp a link to this list, the extenson doesn't work...

WorkFlowy thinks you're logged out! Make sure you're logged in, and if this message persists then try resynchronizing the extension.

It would be great that the user can use the clipper without loging in (if he has edit rights)

Is this possible? :)



Oct 26, 2017


sometimes it doesn't save anything and I need to resync. The thing is I make notes all the time and check them rarely so I lose a lot if stuff. Sometimes extension doesn't notify on sync errors, it just doesn't work.

Still - best hassle-free data collecting tool

Kenneth Storch

Aug 1, 2017


I switched to Dynalist: will you consider making a version of this for Dynalist?

Daniel Reeders

Jul 17, 2017

Cannot configure

I've synchronised the extension to my Workflowy but when I try to designate an inbox I get the following error:

"Problem setting inbox location. Cannot be top-level Workflowy list."

That's regardless of where I place the cursor.

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