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Shwan Salahi

Jun 23, 2021


Does not install download properly, showing download interrupted while internet has no issues

Lorraine Ginader

Jan 6, 2020

Word Web

Cannot get Word Web to respond for one-click word look up. search arrow dimmed out?
I have word web Pro

Lorraine Ginader

Dec 11, 2019

Word Web performance

box appears upon click but does not respond to word insertion, arrow is dimmed out non responsive. I deleted download once and re-uploaded still same problem. I bought Word
Web Pro, still same problem. Re-uploaded crome extension and nothing seems to correct the problem. I have had Word Web for years without a problem on the same PC. HELP

A Chrome Web Store user

May 30, 2018

One-click lookup

How to enable One-click lookup. though I'm user of word web from 4-5 year, previously I enabled, this time not getting setting menu.
Thank you team for providing this great service.

Cee Gees

Mar 9, 2018

use mobile wikipedia instead

Is there a way to use (mobile version, less clutter, easier to read, etc) with WordWeb? Can I edit some file?


Sep 21, 2017

chrome addon

Ive read chrome store blurb on this but can't find the download/add button?

Abhi Daksh

May 6, 2017


instant search option add...

Google apps