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Carol Hu

May 27, 2024

the extension is not working

I just installed it for the first time, and it does not work


Dec 29, 2023

The extension doesn't work, but it worked before

I've been using the app and this extension before, and everything worked great. However, now the extension doesn't work, whether I choose to allow it on specific websites or on all. I've also reinstalled and re-logged in a few times

Tuyen Nguyen Thanh Anh

Dec 22, 2023

Extension has stopped working since Dec 22

Extension has stopped working since Dec 22

Necip A.

Dec 20, 2023

Not working

After the 2.2 update, it stopped working.

Harry Hurtado Arango

Dec 4, 2022

Not working

Hi there, I report a bug with Chrome version Versión 108.0.5359.95 on the Windows platform, when I click on the word, the pop-up doesn't show the definition. it's staying waiting to load

Yanlong He

Feb 9, 2022

Not working

not working in chrome 98.0.4758.80 on macos

ali safa sayım

Sep 10, 2021

uzantının çalışmama sorunu

merhaba, uzantı masaüstü bilgisayarımdaki chromeda gayet iyi çalışırken, notebookumda çalışmıyor. eklenti chrromea eklendikten sonra tüm ayarlarını doğru şekilde yapmama rağmen çalışmıyor, sebebi ne olabilir nasıl düzeltebilirim?

Alireza Heidari

May 24, 2021

Overwrite font family in Persian/Farsi websites

When WordUp is active, font family for child elements in Persian/Farsi websites are change to default value.

Ryo Suzuki

May 7, 2021

Word's definition does not appear

(I like WordUp. Thank you developers.)

I can send "Should learn" or "Already knew" message.
But word's definition does not appear.
(Loading image remains displayed endlessly.)

Are there any problems?

Razmik Badalyan

Apr 23, 2021

Turn off on specific sites and show pop-up on command.

Hi, please add feature to turn off the extension on chooses sites. e.g. I don't want these pop-ups in Google Docs (also, the UI on this site doesn't display well, the buttons aren't visible).

The hover over feature is personally disturbing for me. I'd prefer a short cut. e.g. Ctrl+ double click.

Thank you, you have one the best vocabulary apps I have seen.

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