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Eli Fennell

Sep 13, 2022


it looks like your pulling in definitions from Merriam Webster which has an existing pronunciation feature is there any way you could incorporate that feature into your extension? thank you for your time & Consideration.

Matt Martigan

Oct 24, 2021

Sidebar Or PopUp Option

I love the idea of this app, but I need my current new tab page. It would be awesome if there was an option to have the new word displayed in a pop-up message (either in-browser or push notification), with the option to open the full definition with antonyms, synonyms, etc. in the sidebar.

Ken Jones

Oct 2, 2018

Love the app!!!!!

I think it would be super awesome if you could add the use of the word in a sentence. Im not sure if that info is provided to you, but if so, that would be great! Thanks again for the great extension!

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 17, 2018

words is not defined

I'm getting this console error on all my tabs except new wordsmith tabs:

`Uncaught ReferenceError: words is not defined
at scripts.js:2`

Love the extension otherwise!

Governor Josh

Sep 12, 2018

URL so I can add to "Multi New Tab"

Hey there, I want to add your extension to Multi New Tab so I can randomly open it amongst some others. Is there an actual URL I can use for it? I tried chrome-extension://gnpnpeephndoppbobdbpigepfdklacbp/index.html but it doesn't seem to want to work. Any other ideas.

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