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WordsMine! tools for quick gathering of words

Learn a new language just by browsing the Internet and more. WordsMine will help you to acquire new vocabulary from anywhere at any time - when you're surfing the web, reading books, even when you see a new word in a poster on the street. Install in a blink of an eye ★ It only takes two clicks to get started Lookup definition at your fingertips ★ WordsMine automatically translates keywords that you double-click right in your desktop and mobile web browser Practice what you've learned ★ Play flashcard to review your new vocabulary quickly and take your word bank to the next level Imagine the infinite capacity ★ As you save more vocabulary, WordsMine let you explore more cool features tailored to your needs Help keep WordsMine working on your favorite sites by emailing hi@wordsmine.com *************** NEW FEATURES JUL 29, 2023 *************** ✔ Support multiple languages. ✔ Support highlighting technology terminologies so you can learn more words and be more productive at work. *************** NEW FEATURES SEP 01, 2022 *************** ✔ An awesome release will be delivered to your web browser soon. *************** NEW FEATURES Aug 20, 2022 *************** ✔ We have releases many bugfixes, enhancements during the past weeks, now it's the time for a major update! ✔ Translation for videos on Youtube, you can translate words in videos and save words for learning later ✔ Real time translation for better understanding and learning the foreign language *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Apr 07, 2022 *************** ✔ Improving performance when looking for definition. ✔ Minor bug fixes. *************** PDF READER NEW FEATURES Mar 11, 2022 *************** ✔ You can look up words, sentences, paragraphs on any PDF Document in a unlimited, fast and accurate way. ✔ Word Scoring feature: assess vocabulary proficiency through different levels from beginner to proficient. ✔ Highlight Saved Word feature: highlight previously saved vocabulary when you see it again on any website for reminding purpose. ✔ Mark Hard Word feature: save difficult words in your personalized dictionary. ✔ You can turn on/off translation popup when using PDF Reader. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Mar 11, 2022 *************** ✔ UI layout issue in definition popup when zooming out ✔ Bug fixes in User Setting *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Jan 31, 2022 *************** ✔ We add a PDF Reader icon to a PDF document you are reading in Chrome, so it's more convenient if you are keen on using our PDF Reader. ✔ In the definition popup, you can mark a word as difficult so you can review them later in your spare time. ✔ Want to improve your muscle memory? WordsMine will remind the vocabulary you have saved before and help you memorize it passively, so you do not need to look up its definition again. Your saved vocabulary will be highlighted again wherever you see it again on any website. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Jan 18, 2022 *************** ✔ Tada! Now you can use WordsMine in ebooks! *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Jan 06, 2022 *************** ✔ Fix some minor issues we forgot to include in the last release (thanks user echxanhvuive for your feedback!) *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Dec 24, 2021 *************** After a while being affected by the covid and hectic schedules, we are happy to get WordsMine back on track again. Thank you everybody for your support. ✔ Put on a new look to make everything more lean, futuristic, more convenient and have a distraction-free experience ✔ Add translation feature to the main extension popup *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS September 24, 2021 *************** ✔ Optimize performance again ✔ Guess what - we can not only translate words but also a whole sentence! (we want to personally thank you some users for the feedback to build this feature: huyan371, sophienguyen3399, echxanhvuive, quangtuong1608) *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS August 04, 2021 *************** ✔ Now users can give us feedback right in the popup, we will make it work only for you ✔ Some issues raised from our users which took us sweat to fix ✔ Stay tuned! *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS Jun 10, 2021 *************** ✔ Optimize performance ✔ Improve definition data ✔ Improve user experience ✔ Users can put in their favoriable custom definition before saving the word. Tip: users can copy the sentence which contain the word so users can use it as a sample sentence, thus memorizing easier. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS May 15, 2021 *************** ✔ Improve word definition data ✔ Improve performance ✔ Bug fixings *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS April 30, 2021 *************** ✔ Performance optimization, it's much quicker to look up a word definition. ✔ Users can look up definition from another source in detailed mode. ✔ Enhance extension UI, we add a home icon and our logo so users will not forget our brand. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS April 15, 2021 *************** ✔ You can quickly add a new word in extension popup page, this's handy when you're super busy. ✔ The definition popup is enhanced so you can have a better user experience. ✔ A number of new features are also released in our web app version to help you learn vocabulary in a more EASY-PEASY way. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS March 26, 2021 *************** ✔ Users now can move the definition popup so they can focus on what they're working on while enjoying the definition look-up experience. ✔ Move the Vietnamese definition position to the top area in the definition popup so Vietnamese users can see the definition in their native language immediately. ✔ Users can enable/disable double-click definition popup in Quick Setting in extension menu and definition popup. ✔ Users can go to the app setting through the definition popup. ✔ There are many other improvements and bug fixes to improve platform quality this time. *************** NEW IMPROVEMENTS March 5, 2021 *************** ✔ Introduce a new dashboard, users can try out our new dashboard from the extension with more powerful features. ✔ There are many requests that users want to check word definition on the fly while surfing the web browsers, so we made it for you. ✔ Users can disable the definition lookup feature right in the definition popup and enable it later in the user setting. ✔ Other improvements and bug fixes.

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Fares AliJul 13, 2024

can't delete my account

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Phương Linh HàJul 4, 2024

WordsMine app is useful I can learn vocabulary everywhere and everytime

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Nguyen Thi Ngoc AnhJul 4, 2024

WordsMine help me to personalize my word learning space


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