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Mohit Shahre

Apr 18, 2020

Plugin didn't save changes. Logged in as admin

Plugin didn't save changes. Logged in as admin

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 2, 2018

Your style editor doesn't work

Won't save simple changes

Jonathan Dewees

Oct 12, 2018

Does not update Wordpress


Even when logged in the plugin will not save changes made

Daniel Gil Santos

Feb 23, 2018

Failed to acquire Wordpress nonce.

Error: Failed to acquire Wordpress nonce. Como resolver? How to soluction?

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Jan 5, 2018

whats the problem here?

Error: Failed to acquire Wordpress nonce.

Mehdi Alikhani

Sep 4, 2017

not save any changes

Thanks for this extension
I use this and made my changes but not save!
please help me.

Jay Wasack

Apr 4, 2017

Does not show up in browser bar

When I have inspector open and make a change, I do not see it in my browser bar.

Johan Halfon

Sep 16, 2016

It change my website

I installed the Wordpress Style Editor, login to my wordpress dashboard and did not do anything else, but my website is now all messed up: I manage to fix the computer version but my site is no more responsive.

Please help

Martin Rudolph

Jul 14, 2016

Doesn't save changes

I've got the extension in and going, it see's my child theme correctly, but when I hit 'save style.css changes' nothing happens. Is there a configuration step that isn't setup? Not much in the way of a guide to get this working.

Stéphane TALBOT

May 18, 2016

version 4.5.2

hi. is it still working with the last WP updates?

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