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Reinhard Jung

May 8, 2021

URL from CDN :-(

Dear Support

I just type and then i click on your Extxtension.

It then should take me to:

But instead it takes me to:

On all of my other Sites, it is working just perfect.
How can i fix it. I already asked kinsta-support and they don't know and tould me that better ask you - the devs?
And then - if i know whats the Issue - , i could tell them to fix it?

Hope you can help me

Dean Loh

May 14, 2020

Option for setting custom login URL

Hi, I have iThemes Security running on all my sites and I renamed login URL for some site for added security. This extension seems to default to wp-admin at the moment. Is there anyway I can add in my custom login URL?

Dass Guruprasad Soni

Sep 29, 2019

support control pennel

Katarzyna Janoska (anoriell)

Jul 1, 2016

Does not work for WP installed in a folder

Hi! A very nice extension!

It just does not work if I have a WP installer in a folder.

So if I have WP installed e.g. like this:

ctrl+shift+a gets me to:

and not to:

Do you plan to fix that any time soon?

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